Getting Started

API Call Categories


Messages Calls

messagesSend(array $request)

Send a new transactional e-mail message through LeaderSend.

messagesSendRaw(array $request)

Take a raw MIME document for a message, and send it exactly as if it were sent over the SMTP protocol.

messagesInfo(array $request)

Get the information for a single sent message.


Rejects Calls

rejectsAdd(array $request)

Adds an email to your email rejection blacklist. No messages will be sent to this email; error will be returned with status rejected.

rejectsDelete(array $request)

Deletes an email from rejection blacklist. For example, if email is bounced  or unsubscribed, email is added to rejection blacklist. With this function you can remove email from rejection blacklist.

rejectsList(array $request)

Retrieves your email rejection blacklist. By default, entries that have expired are excluded from the results; set include_expired  to true to include them.


Users Calls


Validate an API key and respond to a ping.